Couples Counseling

I offer couples counseling to those who are looking to heal, deepen or expand upon their relationship.  I provide a safe and accepting environment for discussing and processing your relationship concerns regardless of sexual, gender, cultural or spiritual orientation.  We’ll work together collaboratively to address your specific concerns and goals.
The couples counseling I offer is intended to improve the health of your relationship.  If another service is required (e.g., divorce counseling, etc), it is important that both relational partners agree on that goal before therapy is initiated.

Couples in distress generally face some common questions, such as:

  • Should we get pre-marital counseling?  Are we a “good match?”  
  • How do we balance career and family?
  • How do we increase our connection and intimacy?
  • Is it possible to improve our stale sex life?
  • Have we grown too far apart to ever come back together as a loving couple?
  • Can I learn to love my partner again?
  • Is it possible for our relationship to survive an affair?

Couples therapy is a great place to explore these types of questions in order to create a more fulfilling, accepting, and authentic relationship.  It IS possible to make your relationship better than it is today!

While I do believe that each couple is unique, I also believe that we must remember that all relationships are tested at different times in our lives. There are many developmental “bumps” that can throw a previously happy couple “off track” and leave them in need of support.  Examples of these “bumps” include: the birth of a child, being parents of a teenager, the death of a parent or even “empty nest syndrome.”

Couples counseling offers you a place to process these kinds of life changes, allowing you to express your concerns while maintaining emotional safety.  As your therapist, it’s my job to create a safe space that allows for emotional expression from both partners while guiding the communication in a way that helps both partners hear messages from each other with less defensiveness and increased empathy.

Some of the benefits that can come out of couples counseling include:

  • Increased respect and appreciation of one another
  • Revitalized sexual desire and satisfaction with your partner
  • Improved understanding of your partner
  • Strengthened connection
  • Healing and forgiveness after an affair
  • Increased quality time to share interests, activities and joy
  • Better tools for resolving relational conflicts
  • Ability to maintain improvements in your relationship   

It IS possible to make your relationship better than it is today!